All-New Dashboard, Box integration, Matter Numbering & more!

Nov 1

All-New Dashboard, Box integration, Matter Numbering & more!


All-New Dashboard will help you to monitor, improve, and optimize your performance over time.

How to setup your default billing rate and target billing.

Box Integration

Our tight integration with Box allows you to drag and drop files from your computer into Lawcus, and they’ll get synced to your Box account. You can create, view, annotate, share files just like you do in Box app without leaving Lawcus. Learn more …

Matter Numbering

Ability to auto-generate matter numbers using pre-saved numbering scheme. Allows users to create custom numbering scheme. Learn more …

Summary reports

The Summary Report provides an overview of trust balance, outstanding balance, and un-invoiced work in progress on matter and client details.

Calendar Updates

Calendar now shows Tasks and Statute of limitations.

Improved Task List

A cleaner interface to help you focus.

Close/ Open Nav bar

Ability to close/open blue Navigation bar on left.