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Jan 17

More power to Zapier, Global search, Batch upload & more

Zapier Power up We’re always looking for ways to make your life easier, which is one of the reasons we worked hard to add more power to our Zapier integration. Actions available: Create Person Create Company Create Matter Create Matter Task Create Matter Comment Find Contact Find Matter Find Team Member Find Workflow Find

Dec 22

Two-Factor Authentication now available for all users

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) provides an extra layer of security to your Lawcus account by requiring a one-time code in addition to a password each time you log in. Two-Factor Authentication can be enabled by each user. Two-Factor Authentication requires a mobile authenticator app, such as Google Authenticator or Authy or Salesforce Authenticator   Enabling Two-Factor Authentication  

Dec 1

Introducing Email Integration (Beta)

Don’t you think forwarding emails to your case management software is a Kludge? We introduce the easiest way to associate your emails and attachments with your matters, All you have to do is drag your emails in matter folders or labels. Pretty cool, right?     Who can you sync with? Lawcus email integration can

Nov 25

Introducing email notifications

Last night we launched email notification feature that will allow enabling to receive all notifications in email. We will now notify you by email the moment any important change happen for example someone assigns you a matter or task; the matter is closed or re-opened, etc   Thank you for choosing Lawcus.

Nov 22

Launching Calendar & Import-Export widget

  What’s New   Lawcus Calendar   Full fledged calendar that allows you to visualize your schedule and link your meeting to the matters.   Import & Export Widget   A simple widget to help you import-export your data in-out from Lawcus.   Order Default Task List   Ability to set the order of the

Nov 1

Introducing Zapier Integration

This week is another big one for Lawcus, as we are introducing our new integration with Zapier! For those who are unaware, Zapier connects with over 700 apps. It can help you integrate them with Lawcus and can automate your tedious tasks. Pretty cool, right? Actions Available: Create Person Create Company Create Matter Create

Oct 20

Launching the new Lawcus 1.0

The All-New Lawcus is Here   We listened carefully to your feedback and rebuilt from ground up a ridiculously easy to use Lawcus with tons of new features for you!   What’s New   Document Assembly Now Lawcus allows you to automate your documents by quickly creating them from pre-saved templates.     Secure Client