Lawcus – our case management software for Lawyers has two-way integration with Harvest. Clients and Matter are syncs in real time; it eliminates need to do any
double entry. You can even track time and start timers without leaving Lawcus.


    1. Harvest clients will be imported as Lawcus companies. Existing clients are matched by e-mail.
    2. Lawcus contacts are exported to Harvest when contact is linked to a matter in Lawcus.
Company (Lawcus) Â Client (Harvest)
Name  <> Name
Work Address  <> Address
Person (Lawcus) Â Contacts (Harvest)
First Name  <> First Name
Title  <> Title
Email  <> Email
Work Phone  <> Office #
Mobile  <> Mobile #
Fax  <> Fax #


  1. Harvest projects will be imported as Lawcus matters. Existing matters are matched by name.
  2. Lawcus matters are exported to Harvest on save.
  3. Matters imported in Lawcus will only show in list view. You will need to open the matter and then assign the appropriate workflow and stage in order to view them in kanban view.
Matters (Lawcus) Â Projects (Harvest)
Name  <> Project Name
Person/ Company  <> Client
Matter Number  <> Project Code
Open date  <> Starts on
Due date  <> Ends on
Description  <> Notes
Close Matter  <> Archive Project


    1. As a best practice create a company in Lawcus and add related contacts as persons. This will create a client in Harvest and will add related contacts to the client.
    2. If you add a person in Lawcus and link to matter then it will create a client in Harvest with name and address fields.
    3. Only matters that have open date and due date are archived in Harvest when you close them in Lawcus.

Configure Integration

  1. Click settings icon on left navigation then click on Integrations
  2. Click on enable

  3. Enter your Harvest account subdomain, click enter

  4. Enter your Harvest credentials and then click on Allow access.
  5. The system will take few minutes to sync your data.
  6. Open the matters in list view and then assign the appropriate workflow and stage to view them in kanban view.freshbooksharvestintegration


Harvest Time Entry

  1. On harvest integration, a harvest clock will appear on tasks
  2. Click on clock icon to enter time or start the timer.
  3. On save time entry will save in Harvest without any need to login to Harvest and doing entry there.