Launching Calendar & Import-Export widget

Nov 22

Launching Calendar & Import-Export widget



What’s New


Lawcus Calendar

Full fledged calendar that allows you to visualize your schedule and link your meeting to the matters.

Import & Export Widget

A simple widget to help you import-export your data in-out from Lawcus.

Order Default Task List

Ability to set the order of the default task list on the workflow stage by drag and drop.

More Features

Ability to enable/disable task email notifications. Also, now Lawcus allows you to see all team task list for different matters.

Upcoming Features

Our team is working around the clock and continuing to add even more great features. Some future features include:
Email Integration (Google, Office 365 and MS Exchange)

Calendar Integration (Google, Office 365 and MS Exchange)

Contact Integration (Google, Office 365 and MS Exchange)


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