Introducing Email and Calendar Integration (Google, Office 365 & Exchange)

Nov 20

Introducing Email and Calendar Integration (Google, Office 365 & Exchange)

We are excited to share that now you can have two-way sync with your favorite calendar. Lawcus integrates with Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook, and even the oldest Microsoft Exchange deployments.

We also introduce the easiest way to associate your emails and attachments with your matters, All you have to do is drag your emails in matter folders or labels. Pretty cool, right?




Who can you sync with?

Lawcus email integration can sync with Gmail, Office 365, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo, AOL, and iCloud.

Calendar Integration (Google, Office 365 and MS Exchange)

Note: Initial sync can take few hours to import your events into Lawcus or to create folder/labels in your email.

After the initial sync, updates will run in the background and can take up to 10 minutes.

How to setup email integration?

To sync your email, click on your profile avatar on the top right, then click on ‘Settings’ and then on ‘Apps & Integrations’, and then enable ‘Email & Calendar Integration’.

Enter your email info.



What happens after you enable email integration?

We will create a parent Lawcus folder/label in your mailbox and nested folder/labels for each matter you’re a member. When you drag an email into that folder/label, it automatically gets synced to the matter.



The synced email will show on matter stream under info tab on matters.


Google, Office 365 and Outlook Calendar Integration

When you enable two-way sync, you can see all your appointments in your Lawcus calendar. This enables you to consolidate all your schedules at one place.

  1. Click on enable calendar integration
  2. Select the calendar you like to sync in the drop-down and then click on sync.

Sync will run in the background. Click on the calendar to view your meetings.


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